Our Discipleship Groups (D-Groups)

GracePointe Baptist D-Groups

As GracePointe grows larger, we are committed to "growing smaller" as well. That is, we grow smaller and maintain close friendships through our D-Group ministry. This ministry is made up of groups that meet in homes each week throughout northeast Madison County. Our groups provide a great environment for making friends, growing spiritually and caring for one another.

its simple! Just email dgroups@gracepointebc.org and say that you are interested in D-Groups. This email will connect you with the D-Group Coordinators who will gladly answer any questions and help you find a group that fits your schedule and your needs.

Christ-Centered Relationships: D-Groups are a very important part of our Discipleship process. In D-Groups, we will have the opportunity to build Christ-centered relationships aimed at sharing our lives together and helping one another apply biblical truths to our life situations. It is in D-Groups that we will develop and grow our faith together. Here, it will become clear that the church is not a building we go to, but it is a spiritual family in fellowship with one another because of our fellowship with Christ. As part of this fellowship, every believer becomes a minister as we care for the needs of those in the group.

Acts 2 Living: The biblical teaching and corporate worship of Sunday morning coupled with the D-Group environment allows us to effectively model GracePointe after the church in Acts 2. Scripture records that the early church met in the Temple courts and in their homes daily. May God's Spirit reproduce that church here at GracePointe as our D-Groups allow believers the opportunity for biblical community that the Acts 2 believers experienced!

A Church of D-Groups: Because of this vision of "being the church" rather than just "going to church", we want to elevate the importance of the D-Group ministry. Instead of being a church that has D-Groups, we believe God is leading us to become a church of D-Groups. That is, D-Groups are not simply one of more activity that we do over on the side in a long list of activities. Rather, it is at the heart of being the church that God has called us to be. On Sunday, we come together as one body to study God's Word and to Worship together. When we leave, we then accomplish caring for one another, sharing our joys and sorrows, encouraging and challenging one another in the faith and to be the church in the world through D-Groups. The church that gathers, is a church made up of D-Groups which share their lives together during the week.

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D-Group Team

  • Julie Russell
  • Lynn Kirksey
  • Norman Russell