Worship – Grow – Serve



Worship as a Church: We have one worship service on Sunday mornings at 10:00. Music is a blend of both traditional and contemporary led by a praise band and vocal team. Our goal is to be multi-generational as we continue to reach the next generations. Dress is casual. The inspirational and encouraging teaching is from the Bible with a focus on GraceKids (for preschoolers) and KidsZone (for school age children) is available during the worship service.Take a Next Step and join us weekly in worship.

Worship as a Household: We encourage faith conversations at home by providing resources to equip families to develop and pass on their faith to the next generations.The Legacy Center is a resource center in our church and online to help with those faith conversations. We also provide “Take it Home” guides based on each Sunday’s sermon to help continue the conversation at home. Consider designating one night a week as Family Night (play games, share a devotion, sing a worship song, pray, etc.). Take a Next Step of intentionally making worship a regular and natural part of your householdexperience.

Worship as an Individual: One of the best ways to develop your faith is to take time regularly (daily if possible) to read your Bible and pray. Caution: This is not about trying to feel good nor is it about trying to earn something from God. A daily quiet time is about enriching your soul and expressing your love to God. By reading the Bible, you are gaining wisdom by filling and renewing your mind with truth. By praying, you are expressing faith in Jesus Christ who has all the authority and power. Take a Next Step and begin the life-changing practice of spending time alone with God.


Grow Through 3-D Classes: Our 3-D Classes are offered periodically on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m.  Childcare is provided upon request. These classes will help you know how to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. They will also help you know how to make disciples, which is what Jesus commanded us to do.

Discover Class: During this class, we discover what it means to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. We talk about the meaning and importance of Baptism and The Lord’s Supper. This class is required for becoming a member of GracePointe, so we discuss what membership means and how to become a member. Take a Next Step and sign up for our Discover Class by emailing michelle@gracepointebc.org or on your Communication Card this Sunday.

Develop Class: During this class, we help you put into writing a spiritual growth plan for developing a rich soul that produces a well lived life for the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom. We will also help you better understand how God has gifted you to serve others. If possible, we recommend you take the online Spiritual Gifts Assessment  before attending the class (the access code for the test is E42311.)  Take a Next Step and sign up for our Develop Class by mailing michelle@gracepointebc.org or on your Communication Card this Sunday.

Disciple Class: During this class, we learn how to build relationships to help others know and follow Jesus Christ. The good news is that Jesus came to replace our guilt with His innocence; our shame with His honor; our fear with His power. Now, we want to help others know and walk in the freedom and power of God’s grace. Envision discipling your household and 12 other people during your life-time! We have over 25,000 people living within a five mile radius of our campus; many do not have a relationship with God. Take a Next Step and sign up for our Disciple Class by emailing michelle@gracepointebc.org or on your Communication Card on Sunday.

Grow Through D-Groups: These are small groups of people who voluntarily meet together on a regular basis to help each other grow. D-Group stands for Discipleship Group. They meet at different times and places throughout the week. Each group is a little different, so feel free to try out a few and find your fit. Some groups use the sermon notes and take home questions for their discussions, while others use a different Bible study or DVD topical study. The goal is to make friends around God’s Word and prayer that helps us live out our faith. Take a Next Step and signup for a D-Group by emailing dgroup@gracepointebc.org or on your Communication Card on Sunday.

Grow Through Discipling Relationships: Growing requires being transparent and accountable. Get a few men together or a few women together and the conversation can become much more authentic. Now, focus those relationships on knowing and living for Christ and you will grow significantly in your faith. This is not a specific program you sign up for, but an encouragement to consistently invest yourself in the lives of a few people to help each other be and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Take a Next Step and invite someone to spend time with you to help each other grow as disciples of Christ.


Serve Our Church Family: Every believer is a minister and should have a ministry based on God’s call, God’s gifting and a God infused passion and joy. Together, we are making disciples! Fulfillment and fruit come from knowing and doing My Part. We become more effective when each of us offers God My Best. Keep asking, “How can I make the ministry I serve better?” We also want to involve the next generations in meaningful forms of service. Take a Next Step and volunteer to serve our church family.

Serve Our Community: We want to radically serve our community in the name of Jesus. Look for ways to invest in people’s lives and invite them to take a next step in developing their faith. There are needs everywhere! Prayerfully consider how God would use you to help meet those needs. Our best efforts do not need to be just within our church family. We want to love the people in our community in meaningful ways. Take a Next Step and take action to demonstrate God’s love to our community.

Serve Our World: Jesus said to make disciples of all nations. Begin where you live and use your influence through praying, giving and going to spread the gospel around the world. There are missionaries who need support and encouragement. There are mission trip opportunities.We don’t want to be short-sighted in our vision. Take a Next Step to creatively and strategically advance God’s Kingdom around the world.